we need help !!!! Physician sent us a referral for home health dated 7/25/2016..He also sent his progress note from 6/1/2016 where he saw pt for something different .. Now pt is scheduled to see him on 8/11 for this home health episode diagnose(s).. What you do with a referral like that .. We have the order, F2F visit happened 60 days prior to initial order but not for this home health needs and pt will see the MD within 30 days from the order
HELP !!!!!

Ramy Yacoub
Sphinx Home Health Care
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  • The physician saw the patient 30 days prior (3/5/2016) to referring and his progress note documents unsteadiness on feet, ordered a manual wheel chair and shower chair. But the referral for home health is dated 4/5/2016 do both of those documents cover us for the F2F requirement? The progress note for 3/5/2016 would not have the need for home health, but does have the homebound status and diagnosis.
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