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We have a patient who has an order to d/c foley catheter and begin using straight cath 4-5 times a day. Is home health responsible to provide these supplies? She is a Medicare patient and also has Medicaid.


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    Yes, it is bundled

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  • Yes the provision of the straight catheters are the Homecare agency's responsibility while the Pt is under your care.

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  • Hi,

    We have patients on service requiring wound care, they are also patients at our hospital's wound clinic. We are hemorrhaging money providing all of the expensive specialty wound dressings. Now the wound clinic is inquiring if we can provide gradient compression stockings, AFO Boots, Prevlon Boots etc. We contacted pharmacy/DME companies in our area and they said most insurances will not cover compression stockings - they are considered cash & carry, they thought the Boots could possibly be covered, and not bundled with the Home Health payment. Do any other agencies provide such specialty items for wound care; such as dressings (Optifoam Gentle AG; Optilock etc.) How do you deal with the expense, do you have a formulary of supplies that are comparable, but not as costly? Any ideas appreciated.

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  • As the standard in home health is "clean" not sterile, you might consider (as Medicaid does) providing a certain number of catheters per month with the patient using a cleaning solution and re-using the catheters a certain number of times. If you use the Medicaid standard in your state, I think you would be in a very safe spot legally.

    Joanne Sopko, RN, MSN
    Alpha Omega Home Health, LLC
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