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Anyone using home health software that they would recommend?


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    We are currently using Axxess and we really like it.

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    Per the rules of the listserve you are not allowed to post for products.
    This has been a problem in the past where every vendor would post how great
    their product is. Vendors are not allowed to sell the services on the

    James Plonsey
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    Kathy Hamilton RN

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    A Caring Touch Home Health

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  • Kinnser most definitely is my favorite.

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    Agree...great company with great support...

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    They have somewhat of an ala carte approach. The flex documentation allows
    you to go low tech to high tech as you can afford it.
    1) Paper forms that are scanned for both data elements (like scantron tests
    we took in High school) and an image of the paper.
    2) Telephony system (I don't reccomend it for nursing, only aide visits)
    allows visits to be documented by punching in codes on a phone.
    3) Mobile tablets/computers. Remember when you had to have a super fast
    laptop to run HH software? Many people spent $2000 for 'toughbooks' or
    similar. We are using some $100 tablets with keyboards that are working
    well. I would recommend moving up to a Samsung or Apple product for faster
    performance, but the android based RCA product we use works well even with
    OASIS. Their mobile software is written in HTML5 so it works in Chrome of
    Android, Linux, and Windows based products or Safari for Apple. That's

    Billing, payroll, OASIS scrubbing, clinical alerts, OASIS submission,
    Financial analysis, etc can be piecemealed and added as needed or as the
    agency grows and can afford it.

    PS: I haven't been getting many responses from my emails to this list, can
    someone respond to my email to let me know a majority
    aren't going to spam or something?

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  • Each software have their pros and cons. set up demos with each software and
    see if it fits your agency's needs.

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    Suggest you look up products at not every vendor is there, just ones that people have reviewed.

    Susan G. Johnsen, RN, MSN, COS-C
    LLUMC Home Health Education & Informatics Specialist
    ph: 909 558 3285

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