-We are still requiring physicians to fill out F2F form with narrative for

We now have denial from PGBA that a claim was denied due to lack of
documentation from Medical facility (hospital) where pt had surgery.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you correct it.

The Dr's are not going to write in the discharge summary from hospital all
the required documentation for F2F, such as why pt is homebound.

Thank You,
Ann Stephen
Stephen's Health Care


  • The timeline is that they can see the patient 30 days after admission for the valid FTF. You will need progress notes from that visit from the MD that includes need for home health, home bound status etc. that is signed and dated by MD

    J'non Griffin, RN MHA WCC HCD-10, COS-C
    710 Langston Rd
    Carbon Hill, Al 35549

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