Driving Safety

Do any of you do education with your field staff on driving safety? If so, would you mind sharing the content?


  • Hello. We have the staff sign a "no driving and texting" agreement and annually Inservice in the importance of a "windshield survey" before parking and entering a home. We also review emergency items that should be kept in the trunk like jumper cables,washer fluid and so on. Additionally we review defensive driving, keeping doors locked in questionable neighborhoods and making sure to keep all pt records and personal items locked in the trunk and out of view. All staff also have a sign for their windshield that identifies out agency and states "Home
    Health Care Staff. I carry no drugs or medications"
    Hope that helps!

    Melody Ford RN BSN CRNI
    Director of Clinical Services, Owner
    ABF Home Health Services, LLC
    P: 586-477-1402
    F: 586-477-1413

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