Exacerbation/onset dates

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I remember during a conference, we were told that cms doesnt mandate that exacerbation/onset dates be on the poc. i am trying to find documentation of it. does anyone know where i can find it? Is it still the case?
Esther Sturdivant, RN


  • You won't find it in the CMS regulations because CMS does not require this.
    It's a requirement that software companies generated.​ It does help to
    track onset dates of MIs, so you know when to stop coding acute and start
    coding "old MI" though as one example of the usefulness of tracking onset
    and exacerbation dates.

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  • The onset and exacerbation dates actually come historically from CMS is
    form of the 485. There were official CMS instructions in the manual for the
    485 about the exacerbation and onset dates. Although these are no longer
    mandated, it is still a wonderful idea to utilize these dates to support
    medical necessity at a glance! While working for the MAC for over a decade,
    we looked at these dates consistently. Have a great weekend!

    Annette Lee RN, MS, COS-C, HCS-D
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