F2F for Medicare Patient

What if all I can get the physician to document is homebound due to lack of transportation? 82 year old widow with dysphagia.


  • Hi Celeste,
    Did you mean to send me this email?
    Thanks Maria

  • I thought I sent it through the my homehealth list. Not specifically to you sorry.

  • Celeste, your email came to me, so I think it did go to everyone.
    And in response to your question, surely this pt has more going on than just 'lack of transportation'. I would have someone explain to the MD that it won't be an adequate HBS in regards to Medicare's guidelines. My opinion. :) Possibly provide him with common examples of what would be adequate.

  • Celeste, Homebound status is related to the patient's ability not due to a lack of transportation. At a minimum is must be a taxing effort for the patient to leave their home.
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