Visit after a Recert OASIS date


There's a debate at the office regarding a visit done after the
Recert date. Our DON says that a clinician can not do a visit after a
Recert Date and that whoever did the Recert/Discharge OASIS should be the
last visit for that episode. The Discharge is a no-brainer but in the
Recert? I've been trying to find a Medicare Policy about this but I can not
find any.

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  • Mike,
    Are you talking about making a visit after the cert has ended? Without doing the recert?

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  • We do recert's after the discharge and it's never been a problem. As long as you have the frequency (order) for it. I am assuming your talking about when the recert is done within the five day window and then there is another visit to be done within that five day window after the recert is done and the new cert period has not actually started. There is no rule that states the last visit in the cert period has to be the recert visit, it can be the second to last vist etc. as long as within the five day window.

  • Melody,

    Let's say Recert OASIS was done on 9/22/2016. The end of episode is 9/26.
    PT still has visits on 9/24 and 9/25. Can the PT still continue to do those
    visits? Another one is, let's say the nurse had to return after the
    Recert OASIS was done. She visited the patient again on 9/23 with an order
    from the MD. Is that allowed and a billable visit?

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  • Mike,

    Both are billable as long as there is a skilled service provided and order to cover. The recert oasis can be done any day in the 5 day window and has nothing to do with other visits ordered prior to or after during that cert period.



  • Mike,
    I totally agree with Vicki. The recerting clinician should have received a verbal order to recert prior to performing the recert visit. So long as that has happened and the recert takes place, other skilled visits performed around that time are billable.

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