Face 2 Face

Wondering if anyone putting F2F on 485 as your only form of documenting
F2F. And if this works with Medicare medical reviews.

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  • We are in PreClaim review in IL and this seems to work: We do put it on our POC and then we also submit additional documentation such as referral info, progress notes, dc summary from the hospital stay. If it is a hospitalist managing the patient then we have the physician sign an attestation.

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  • gggrohit@gmail.com

  • Face to Face Encounter Date: ____________

    I certify that I, or a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant working with me, or a physician who cared for the patient in an acute or post-acute facility, had a Face-to-Face encounter with this patient and documentation of that encounter has been incorporated into my patient record.

    Medical Necessity:
    The encounter, with the patient was directly related to the primary reason home health has been ordered. We had info about why they are beings seen.

    Homebound Criteria: An individual shall be considered homebound if they have a condition that restricts his or her ability to leave their home except the aid of supportive devices, the use of specialized transportation or the assistance of another person in order to leave their place of residence and leaving the home is taxing upon the patient. We put here why they are homebound.

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