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Does anyone on the list serve have knowledge and/or have in place a program for prehab. Several years ago this was a huge topic and we (home health) were able to bill under Part B for the prehab visit (a pre-surgical visit by a therapist to review the HEP with the patient/caregiver)

They would then be reopened under home health post-surgical for therapy treatment and nursing services if needed.

This was found to improve the patient's recovery outcome.

If you have any information would greatly appreciate how you bill and the documentation that is used in the prehab visit billing. Also if you could reference regulation, that would be beneficial.

The above link has some reference, but was seeking additional

Thank you in advance for any information

Doris Mosocco

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    Although I have not completely been involved with my clients' review of Part B outpatient therapy visits for Pre-Op visits, my understanding that there is not a therapy code that applies to the Pre-Op/Pre-hab service. That being said, I do caution you on Pre-Op visits. Back in 2006, the OIG issued an opinion letter on "free" Pre-Op visits finding that such visits were an improper inducement. The Opinion Letter is 06-01 and can be found at the link below. It would be nice if there was an OPT like this covered - and others may know of that. It is a good service. Otherwise later in 2007, the OIG approved the use of a video for patients discussing the things they need to do before the operation. It is the face-to-face between the PT & patient that the OIG found particularly improper as an inducement.

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  • Liz, thank you for your quick response, much appreciated for the information. I thought I recalled an OIG report-it has been several years since I had been involved with the Prehab subject.

    Many thanks again
    Doris Mosocco

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