How will the injunction against the OT rule affect you?

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How is your agency dealing with employees' uncertainty about what their salaries will be now that a federal judge has stopped the Labor Department's overtime rule from taking effect on Dec. 1?

The ruling prevents the DOL from requiring employers to pay salaried workers $47,476 per year ($913/week) to maintain exempt status. This would have replaced the current rule, which sets a salary threshold of $23,660 annually, or $455 per week, for workers to be exempt from overtime. Many employers already have announced their plans to reclassify employees to non-exempt status. But companies that chose to increase salaries to comply with the expected new minimum thresholds may have a more difficult time reversing themselves.

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    California – has no effect. Overtime rules already existed specific to RN’s and Pharmacists working in a clinical role and have for years.

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  • Josh,

    I read a judge delayed this yesterday…..

    but it is a concern with a lot of my agencies

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