RE: 30 day evaluation for therapy

What resets the 30 day clock? Does completing the recertification reset the 30 days? I assume a ROC resets the clock as new orders and visit frequencies are required.
Thanks for any clarity you can provide!

Barb Edwards
Trios Home Health


  • The therapy 30 day summary clock resets with every Functional Reassessment. If the ROC is completed the clock resets for that day. If a Recert, is done then the clock restarts again. Not every 30 Day Functional Assessment has new orders. For instance, if you have a patient 2w8, your therapist must do a 30 day Functional Assessment Summary as close to, but not after the 30th day from his/her PT Initial Evaluation. Remember each 30 Day Summary must include Research based tools and progress towards the patient's goals. If the therapist adds any new intervention and/or goals, these must be put into a verbal order and signed by the physician.

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