Question on insurance change

When a pt changes insurance at the beginning of the year.
How does everyone handle the DC and Re-Admit?

Do you complete Dc Oasis, then the SOC Oasis on the same day?

Ann Stephen
Stephen's Health Care, Inc.


  • We handle many HMO patients and this happens almost monthly to us. We close the case with a DC oasis for the last billable visit in that month. We then readmit with a new oasis for the first billable visit in month the insurance changed. A new plan of care must be generated of course and sent for signature. We include an order to the physician clarifying the need to generate a new plan of care based on the insurance change. We have never had an issue with this procedure. Hope that helps.

    Melody Ford RN BSN CRNI
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  • If the insurance is Medicare (or other PPS payer) you would need to DC on the last visit in 2016 (with DC OASIS) and then readmit on your 1st visit in 2017 (with SOC OASIS).

    Stacey Baker
    Financial Director
    Spectrum Home Health
    913.831.2979 (o)

  • If it is from one private insurance company to another we continue the same chart.
    Diana Yoesel

  • Also if medicare you must have a new face to face.We were unable to bill 3 cert periods due to this.
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