A billing person has told me that you cannot bill on a daily basis for home health services. Reason being that all insurances require you bill for an entire week. Is this correct?

Sharon Weems
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  • Have never heard that…

  • That is incorrect.
    From an operational standpoint it is best to batch/bundle your claims
    weekly, monthly, or episodically.

    Peter Chaalan, President &
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    Each insurance is different.

    And I wonder if you are speaking of the same thing.

    You can bill for an episode, usually 60 days, and it is paid that way, usually a fixed dollar amount. I have seen one case where they wanted bills per episode but we billed by the visit.

    Many want monthly bills. You bill by the visit and drop the bills monthly.

    Some want bills within x days of service. This used to be more common with smaller organizations and you would drop claims so that they would be received as required.

    Some insurances your billing interval may be monthly, but they want the bills aggregated by date. This is because their benefit is not number of visits a year but number of days of service per year.

    Hopefully your biller is knowledgeable regarding the billing requirements of the various payers that you accept

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  • I have never heard of this. We are in network with and bill multiple insurances and this has never been an issue.

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    Have never heard that…

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