While you're on the subject of billing, does anyone have a handle on Medicare Advantage Plan Billing. Is there a magical system. I have been billing Medicare Advantage claims for several years and it has always been a pain. I called the help desk at Anthem and the person I spoke to did not know what home health was. I'm serious. She rejected a RAP because it had code 0023 in the Revenue section. I don't believe it is our responsibility as billers to explain RAPs and Finals.

I just returned from a Home Health/Hospice workshop last week and everyone I spoke with was having problems with Medicare Advantage Claims. At this point I'm ready to attend a special seminar if there is one to resolve this issue.

I fear that there will be more and more of Medicare Advantage Plans rather than straight Medicare in the future.

I thank you in advance for any comments or answers you may provide.

Thanks Again,

Stephen A. Dixon
Dixon Healthcare Billing Solutions, Inc.


  • It is important to first determine which of your managed Medicare plans are still under a FFS reimbursement methodology and which ones are under the PPS methodology. There are FFS plans out there that have begun requiring the 0023 HIPPS line on all FFS claims.

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