Una boot compression wrap

Hi, We have a patient that was referred to us by MD to apply an Una Boot and Compression wrap for a patient with Edema who is unable to do on their own. The question was raised if Medicare will pay for an RN to do this? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bonnie


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    We have done them on and off for years, and gotten paid. The skill is in knowing how much to stretch or not stretch the cotton-type bandage, it doesn't really conform to the leg, so you must fold it (vertically only) so it doesn't cause problems. Some folks cover the heel, some don't. You always cover it with something because it's messy, usually kerlix or ACE or Coban. It doesn't matter if the drainage comes through the bandage.
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  • Hi Joanne, The problem is there is NO wound care. The patient only has edema. My Clinical Director would like to speak with you if possible. Please email me off the list serve at bthackston@vnacapecod.org Thank you, Bonnie
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