Is anyone using Activase in the HOME to unclog PICC lines?

We have been asked by an IV company to use Activase in the home to unclog a patient's PICC line should it become clogged. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. Anyone have any experience out there with this? Joanne Sopko, RN, MSN
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    We do it all the time, on all ages from infants to geriatrics. It saves unnecessary ED visits, helps prevent missed doses and is a win win for the patient / the hospital and US.

    The dose is very specific for this function. They have great education material on their website the reps are real friendly

    We even try to get orders up front on our picc lines that allow us to use it on a line that is not flushing briskly. Our goal is to save that line

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  • Totally agree. Activase is a simple to use but very effective method to manage sluggish or clogged CVC's. If your staff are not experienced with its use ask the infusion pharmacy who is providing the drug if one of their infusion nurses would provide a teach to your staff. Most will do so if it means helping to decrease patient complications while elevating the knowledge base of fellow clinicians.

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