Home Care RN caring for family member

One our nurse's mother is currently on service for home health care with
our agency. Questioning whether or not there are any guidelines/legal or
ethical issues for this nurse to case manage her mother's care or to
occasionally make the home care visit? Thanks!

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  • Probably not the best practice.

    JoAnn Noel RN, MSN, COS-C, HCS-D
    Director of Regulation

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    We have a policy against it.
  • Yes how can the nurse be fully objective when it's a loved one?

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    We try everything in our power not to have them involved with the care, for the very same reasons listed below.

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    I think this falls under the general category of 'many things are legal,
    but not all things are prudent'.
    I cannot think of a Medicare/Medicaid regulation that would forbid it. I
    don't know about others (eg, Joint Commision). We do not forbid it by
    policy. But by practice, we try to avoid close relatives and sometimes
    even close friends. It helps to avoid problems with previous relationships
    if someone outside a patient's normal social circle is caring for them.
    However, if necessary, we will break that practice. I had no problem doing
    wound care once or twice on my grandparents. However, I would never have
    assisted with the wound care in the perineal area of my mother.

    Daniel P. Clark, RN
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    I believe the CoP guidelines describe family relationships and who
    can/cannot perform a billable visit. ​

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