This patient had an episode dates ranging 1/21/17-3/21/17. The nurse did a Recert visit on 3/19/17 and then was unable to see patient again due to hospitalization on 3/23/17. New Recert episode dates are 3/22/17-5/20/17. So basically since Recert visit was completed a new Recert episode opened and patient was hospitalized before any further visits could be done. What would be the best way to handle this situation:
1. Put hospital hold in new Recert episode for 3/22 and resume patient on 3/24 or
2. Discharge remove Recert and put a DC instead and open new episode for resumption on 3/24?
3. Plot non billable discharge for last date of episode and open new episode for the ROC date?

Is it true you cant make ROC your first billable visit? So option one is out? However CMS does not want us to DC and do SOC, right?

Any link related to this situation from CMS will be appreciated. Thank you


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