So if the agency received a DC order from the hospital stating for OT or PT to eval then the PT or OT went to see the patient for eval and see the need for therapy and will have further visits with the patient, the order for PT or OT eval has to be included in the Home Health care plan or the DC order from the hospital for PT/OT eval is enough and in compliance and does not need to be included or carried over in the Home Health care plan? My understanding is: it has to be included in the HH care plan. Any link to substantiate and clarify this is highly appreciated. There are 2 different opinions in our office. Thank you all.


  • Anyone? Any input is appreciated.
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    All care provided is a part of the home health plan of care. Does not matter the discipline who provides it.

    If it is ordered up front it is a best practice to put it on the POT/485 to send to the physician. If it is added later, it would be a supplemental order, however your policy/system handles that process.

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