Billing Discharge visit and Start of Care on same day

I know that we can do a Start of Care on the same day that a person is
Discharged from a hospital, SNF, etc. The regs specifically say that. But
if we do a SOC on the same day another Home Health Agency does their
Discharge, can both companies be paid for their perspective visit? I think
we have done that before, but we are uncertain if it could cause billing
issues. I also understand it's probably not the best idea and there are
special codes which must be put on the bills and special documentation.

Thank you for your assistance.

Daniel P. Clark, RN


  • The Same Day/Same Service Policy addresses those instances when a single code should be reported by a physician, hospital , ambulatory surgical center or other health care professional for multiple medical and/or Evaluation and Management services for a patient on a single date of service. Generally, a single E/M code should be used to report all services provided for a patient on each given day. Prolonged services and care plan oversight may be exceptions.

  • The full-form of OAE Testing is Otoacoustic Emission Testing. OAEs are the sounds emitted by the internal structure of the ear when the cochlea is stimulated by a sound. As the sound stimulates the cochlea causes vibration on the outer hair cells. This sound is so inaudible that it has to be measured by a probe instrument that needs to be inserted into the ear canal.

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