CMS CoP 484.60e

Section 484.60(e) requires HHAs to provide each patient with written information regarding:
(1) Visit schedule, including frequency of visits by HHA personnel and personnel acting on behalf of the HHA.

Are agencies utilizing and leaving in the home a calendar with specific dates marked as to which days of the week visits are anticipated? Often times our 2xweek patients (usually Mon and Thurs or Tues and Fri) change week to week based on when the primary nurse is working and total patient census. We do document our planned frequency in the folder left in the home. Currently we only document frequency (3xweek for 1 week, 2xweek for 2 weeks) - not specific days of the week. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


  • Yes a calendar should be in the home with discipline's anticipatory dates of visits. If the date changes that's fine just as long as there is some thing written on the calendar for the patient to see and if necessary can be changed do to a doctor's visit, etc.

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