Hair: everything you need to know to take care of your hair and look great after the gym

Beach vacations always make us very happy. Being soaked and under the sun catching a tan is the 'mood' of many people who spend their days off as well, resting. However, being exposed to the sun for so long (not just on vacation, but during the summer itself) and in contact with salt water or chlorine in the pool does not benefit one of your biggest physical concerns : hair .

The opposite happens to the hair that the owner, who returns from vacation in a much worse state than he has left. As we said, substances such as chlorine or salt water from the sea, as well as daily exposure to the sun weaken the hair. "The hair is clarified in the sun and the texture is hardened by salt water or chlorine, which can lead to hair breakage ," says Elias Pedrosa, creative director of Oculto Hair Club . Especially, the sun how to know when hair is in anagen phase how to know when hair is in anagen phase") is the main "enemy" of hair during the summer because it produces " dehydration and loss of flexibility , even with short exposures", as Javier Pedraz, Medical Director of the Insparya hair clinic, explains.. "If the exposure is longer, the damaging effects are accentuated. There is a change in the texture of the hair (appearance and touch), the tips break more easily and the hair loses color, becomes more brittle and more sensitive" , Add.

As is done with the skin by applying cream to protect it, the same thing happens with the hair. Before summer, it is important to prepare it for sun exposure and other effects with hydrating treatments that strengthen it. "The main thing is to hydrate it and avoid" attacks "on it: excessive pulling, subjecting it to high temperatures (dryers), avoiding having it wet for a long time. All this will contribute to making our hair stronger and more resistant against to a future "attack" such as exposure to ultraviolet radiation, "explains Javier Pedraz. However, now that the damage is done, the important thing is how to mend it.

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