How do I restore QuickBooks Portable Company File?

You don’t have to worry if you lost your QuickBooks portable company file and want to restore it. Just follow the below mentioned steps to get your QuickBooks portable company file back.

Ø Go to ‘Files’ and select ‘Open’ or ‘Restore Company’

Ø Click on restore a portable file and then on ‘Next’

Ø Click the (name).qbm file saved to the location you chose and open it.

Ø When you get the ‘Where do you want to Restore the File’ option then do read it before clicking ‘Next’

Ø When the ‘Save Company As’ screen shows up, select the location where your QuickBooks company data file is stored. This usually ends up in Drive C in the QuickBooks folder. Your data file may be stored in a different location than before if you use Windows 7

Ø Click on the the .QBW file you used most recently and correctly name the restored file.


  • To open a portable version of your company file:
    Open QuickBooks and log in as an admin.
    Go to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company.
    Select Restore a portable file, then select Next.
    Select your portable company file. ...
    Read the notes on the Where do you want to restore the file page, then select Next.

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