What to do If you have a doubt that you are effected with COVID-19?

Covid-19 is the one most common thing nowadays that affecting our lives and economic status. Everyone is tensed with this, and there are symptomatic and asymptomatic patient, at these situation it's very hard to save ourlives. if you face any issues of your health, it is mostly recommended to visit the hospital and have a covid-19 test. One of my friends, who had affected with COVID but he didn't noticed, he usually having some kind of health issues like fever, cough, vomiting, and headache. After seeing all these symptoms, he had went to the best hospital in hyderabad for testing his health, and later he had found positive, And then he was quaratined for 14 days at his home and after that he had recovered. Most the services offered by that hospital is super. Whenever you feel like having covid symptoms, do visit your nearest hospital.


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