How many mg of zolpidem is safe -

The recommended daily dose for adults is 10 mg to be taken immediately at bedtime. The lowest effective daily dose of zolpidem should be used and must not exceed 10 mg.

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Ambien is one of the brand names of the medicine Zolpidem. It is primarily used in treating sleeping illness. Also, it is a short-term prescription medication that is known for beneficial treatment.
However, Zolpidem is a sedative-hypnotic drug that works by treating unbalanced chemicals present in the brain of sickened people with insomnia.
How to use Ambien?
As we know, and a sedative that can be habit-forming/dangerous if taken abruptly.
So, before starting the treatment, tell your doctor if you have or ever had:
depression, mental illness;
drug/alcohol addiction;
lung/liver disease;
heart diseases/kidney diseases;
breathing problems/asthma;
sleep apnea.
It is good to tell your doctor all the diseases you have(if), he will suggest to you accordingly. Therefore, stay in touch with the doctor during the treatment.
Take the therapy precisely as prescribed, do not make changes in dosages without consulting the doctor.
Further, do not take larger dosages or more than prescribed; follow all your doctor's prescriptions.
As mentioned above, it may be habit-forming, tolerate can be harmful or turns into withdrawals. Do not try to crush, chew, or cut the tablet/capsule; swallow the pill whole. Also, place the medication in a dry and cool place.
Lastly, take the medication at the bedtime or before 7 to 8 hours left for sleep.

(It is not safe in children below 18 years).
Further, the doctors mainly prescribe its lowest effective dosage, like 5mg for women or five or 10mg for men daily.
The maximum dosage should not be exceeding than 10 mg a day. It should be taken as a single dose, and there is discrimination between men and women dosages.

Side effects of Ambien
Clumsiness or unsteadiness;
Difficulty with breathing;
dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting;
If the patients may experience such effects or others, consult the doctor immediately.


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