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Amphetamines are the most trusted drugs for the treatment of ADHD. They were first available in 1996 by Richwood Pharmaceuticals.

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In this category of medicines, Adderall is the most used and highly beneficial for these symptoms. Over 45 million people in the United States trust this drug for their treatment.

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Despite being a prescription drug, it is widely used for both children and adults. The effects of Adderall are more effective than any other medicine, such as Ritalin. However, it requires proper medical supervision and the correct doses pattern for the right treatment.

How to know if your child has ADHD

If your child has ADHD, you can detect it by looking at the symptoms and his behavior. The general symptoms are irritability, insufficient attention, memory problems, and hyperactivity. However, some of these symptoms are normal in children of younger age. Thus, it is best to get help from a doctor to tell if your child has ADHD.

Besides, notice the behavior of your child when he is playing or studying. He might not be able to stay quiet while playing if he has this disorder. While studying, he might not be able to focus on it correctly.

Using Adderall for the treatment of ADHD

Most of the doctors in the United States prescribe Adderall for treating these symptoms. It is a short term and promised remedy of such situations. The effects may appear within thirty minutes of taking a dose. In some instances, it may take a few weeks to provide complete relief from ADHD.

Moreover, you may need to continue the treatment to make sure these symptoms do not come back. In general, your doctor may advise taking the medication for four to six weeks. Let him know if your symptoms do not wear off after the treatment.

Side effects of misusing Adderall

Misusing the tablets of Adderall can cause various harmful effects. It may cause physical or mental side effects that may last for a couple of days or weeks. So, do not overuse or misuse any prescription medicine.

Some of the known side effects of Adderall misuse may include:

loss of sleep
stomach cramps
skin problems
vision changes

These effects might be harmful to your physical or mental health. So, avoid misusing this drug and follow your doctor's instructions carefully. If still, you think you have a drug addiction, inform your doctor right away.


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