Derma correct - skin mole removal

apple cider vinegar to remove moles naturally 2. Garlic Garlic contains a large number of enzymes that help eliminate the accumulation of cells . You must first disinfect the area of ​​the mole to rule out a possible infection, grind a clove of garlic and the rest of the procedure should be the same as that of apple cider vinegar. Remember to repeat the same Derma-correct procedure every night until it disappears completely. It will probably come off in as little as a week 4. 3. Honey Honey is great for reducing the dark color of a mole and for removing it completely. It is a product that has many benefits for the skin, as long as it is pure and natural 4. You should apply a small amount of honey on the mole, and cover it with gauze so that it does not slip or waste. You can perform this procedure twice a day to achieve greater effectiveness, being recommended in the morning and at night.


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