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Green Xanax Bars are substantial variations of the Xanax. It is a 2 mg dose of the Alprazolam that comes in an elongated rectangular-shaped green-colored pill.
However, it is available only on prescription because it contains a high dose of Alprazolam.

The inactive ingredients present in green Xanax bars include:

silicon dioxide,
microcrystalline cellulose,
magnesium stearate,
corn starch,
sodium benzoate,
lactose, docusate sodium,
crospovidone, and
color additives FD & C Blue No. 2 and DC & C Yellow N. 10.

Use of Green Xanax Bars

Although it is similar to other benzodiazepines generally, it treats panic disorder, anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and the short-term relief of symptoms of anxiety.
However, it is effective for a short duration of treatment, mainly for four weeks. Furthermore, clinical studies do not show the efficacy of its effects after four weeks of the period.
Furthermore, it may get used for other purposes that are not listed here.

Are these bars benzos?

Generally, these green bars contain Alprazolam, which comes from the drug class of benzodiazepine. So, they are known as “benzos” or short-acting benzodiazepines due to short-duration therapy.
However, it acts on the GABA receptors in mind to impart the effects of tranquillity and relaxation to the body.

Possible side effects of Alprazolam bars

The common possible green Xanax unusual effects include:
drowsiness, lightheadedness,
confusion, depression,
memory impairment,
loss of coordination dizziness,
cognitive disorder,
decreased libido, muscle tone disorder,
agitation, disinhibition, derealization
However, it is not a whole list of possible side effects others may also occur. Do not use the medication with medical consultation. Misuse of prescription medicines can cause overdose, addiction, severe side effects of death.
Call 911, emergency health service if needed in case of urgency.

What are the dangers and effects of green Xanax bar?

There are some of the dangers and warnings associated with the use of Xanax. They are as follows:
Life-threatening harms to the fetus in case of pregnancy
Multiple seizures and status epilepticus
Risk of dependence and withdrawal syndrome
Fatal central nervous system depression
Impairment of performance
Serious inter-dose symptoms
Severe alprazolam drug interactions
Potential of abuse and addiction to the drug

How long does the withdrawal of Xanax last?

If you are thinking how much time can it take then the answer depends upon whether they are detoxing in the home or therapeutic detox program. The withdrawal symptoms of the Alprazolam usually begin within 6 to 12 hours of the last dose. After all, these physical and mental symptoms depend upon the medical supports is present in detox or not. However, in the therapeutic detox program, the withdrawal symptoms of Alprazolam can last up to five days, to some extent side effects last for a week or more. Also, if someone does not take medical help with therapy, then its symptoms can last for weeks or months.

Is Alprazolam a legal drug?

In the USA it is available only by prescriptions. Besides, this drug comes in a schedule IV controlled substance by DEA, and this consensus shows that this drug is relatively low. Still, it is possible for real, misuse or dependence. It is one of a group of addictive, therapeutic drugs called a benzodiazepine. Although it is a therapeutic drug, it is also a controlled drug, which means that without a legal prescription from a doctor, this drug is illegal.

Can Xanax use for pain?

Opioid painkillers and benzodiazepine are two of the most frequently used drugs in the world, although they may set together. Or if the person is suffering from anxiety or panic disorders, he can get a Xanax medication from his physicist. At the same time, he also receives Oxycontin to treat chronic pain.
Lastly, it is not for treating pain conditions.


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