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What is tramadol?

It is currently ranked among the top five prescribed opioids. Coming from class of opiates ( narcotic) analgesics. It works by changing the way the brain and nervous system respond to the pain.

What is the purpose of using tramadol?

This medication treats moderate to severe pain in adults. The extended-release form of tramadol is for around-the-clock treatment of pain. The extended-release form of tramadol is not for use on as-needed basis for pain.
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How to take the proper dosage of tramadol?

The dosage of tramadol differs from person to person. Whenever you buy Tramadol online read the medication label for more clear instructions. The age factor is also a major factor in deciding dosage of tramadol.

For adults :-
If a person is 17 years or older then take 50 to 100 mg orally every 4 to 6 hours as per the pain. Initially take 25 mg orally once a day. The maximum dose is 400 mg per day.

For children:-
A child can take a dose of tramadol every 6 hours to help stop the pain from coming back. You must not give your child more than four doses of tramadol in 24 hours.

Can a person take tramadol and alcohol together?

Using tramadol in high amounts and drinking alcohol may increase the absorption rates of medication and increase its central nervous system depressant effects. The potential for overdose from either drug is increased when both these are used in combination.

Even cases of overdose may also happen, plus it can slow down the brain function too.

What does tramadol interact with?

Types of drugs known to interact with tramadol include blood thinners such as antifungal medications. Including several antibiotics also do interact with tramadol.

What are the certain side effects of tramadol?

Long term use of this medication leads to liver and kidney damage. Even high doses can also in certain cases cause liver damage too. If a patient is having a kidney history, you may not be able to clear this drug from your body as well. This may increase the levels of tramadol in the body and even cause more side effects.

Below are certain side effects of tramadol:-


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