Difference between roots vacuum pump and roots blower

The operating principle of Roots vacuum pump and roots blower are the same, both belong to positive displacement blower, and the structure of the whole machine is basically the same, but there are still some differences in some accessories. Roots blower belongs to blower blowing system and belongs to positive pressure fan class, while roots vacuum pump belongs to negative pressure suction system and belongs to negative pressure fan class. What else exists between them What about the difference? Let's have a look at it.

What is the difference between roots vacuum pump and roots blower? Because roots vacuum pump is suction, it needs to customer service atmospheric pressure, so it is more difficult to overcome negative pressure, and positive pressure blower can rely on atmospheric pressure, positive pressure rise can be stronger, pressure scale is more extensive.

Since the production of Roots vacuum pump is more difficult, the price of general roots vacuum pump will be higher than that of Roots blower. We can look at the quotation of the same type. The price of vacuum pump is often higher. After roots blower is installed, it can be used. However, roots vacuum pump may need to be equipped with front stage pump when starting.

The purpose of the front stage pump is to ensure that the roots vacuum pump will not rise to a very high negative pressure. Therefore, the front stage pump is required to increase the negative pressure first, and then open the roots vacuum pump to continuously increase the pressure. In terms of operation principle, roots blower can sweep clean and pollution-free gas without daily smoothness. And its speed is fast, each part of the open space is small, less emission.

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