MARTIFUR 100MG Tablets

MARTIFUR 100MG TABLET is a class of medications called nitrofuran antibacterial. MARTIFUR MR 100MG TABLET is utilized in the treatment of bacterial diseases of bladder, kidney and different pieces of the urinary plot.

Quick tips for MARTIFUR 100MG TABLET

• Take MARTIFUR 100MG TABLET with food or milk as coordinated by your doctor/drug specialist.

• Avoid taking MARTIFUR 100MG TABLET on the off chance that you have kidney infection, porphyria, G6PD inadequacy.

• Take MARTIFUR 100MG TABLET with alert in the event that you have kidney, liver, lung issues or on the off chance that you are diabetic.

• Breast-taking care of and pregnant ladies are encouraged not to take MARTIFUR MR 100MG TABLET without talking with a specialist

MARTIFUR 100MG TABLET may cause discombobulation and languor. Try not to drive or utilize any machines or devices until the wooziness and tiredness disappears.

• Seek clinical assistance quickly in the event that you experience any unfavorably susceptible response indications like raised and bothersome rash, growing of the face or mouth causing trouble in relaxing.

• Always keep your PCP educated about the progressing drug or the ones which you have taken before, including over-the-counter meds and natural meds.


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