Aerocort Inhaler

Aerocort Inhaler
Beclomethasone Dipropionate and Levosalbutamol sulphate is a combination drug that shows higher degree of effectiveness. The characteristic glucocorticosteroids are created by adrenal organs. Glucocorticosteroids can carry on the calming activities. At the point when utilized as inhalers the prescriptions are awesome and focused to explicitly lungs as it were. An inhaler empowers the individual to take drug through the mouth to the lungs. Medication comes to at the site of activity and produces its impact. This focused on medication conveyance likewise limits the results appeared by the oral medications. It is a center medication given prophylactically if there should be an occurrence of serious Asthma. In kids, asthma is all around constrained by these prescriptions and doesn't influence the speed of their development. It clears the aviation routes and evades its narrowing.

**How to take **Aerocort Inhaler****

  • Try not to swallow the Inhaler. Following are the approaches to take the medication:

  • Continuously check the neatness of the mouthpiece prior to utilizing

  • Shake the inhaler prior to utilizing by holding it in an upstanding position

  • Breathe out the air totally out of your lungs and void them

  • Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your lips

  • Take a full breath through your mouth and press the canister to get puff of the medication

  • Eliminate the inhaler and keep on holding your breath for 10 seconds

  • Inhale out through nose

  • Supplant the cap and if necessary require the second portion by rehashing steps referenced previously.


  • Aerocort inhaler Used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- COPD( which include shortness of breath, weezing apnea )and asthma. Generally used for the treatment of constricted airways, lung inflammation and other related conditions. It allows the smooth muscles in the bronchial tubes to relax, this helps by shortening or reversing an acute of shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing.

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