Save your open swirls & makes them more beautiful

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Save your open swirls & makes them more beautiful

Hairs in the comb, Hairs on the floor, Hairs on the towel & Hairs on your working desk. What is happening? Hairs-hairs everywhere! Why? Well, It’s a genuine reason for most of the women. Hair fall in women can cause by lack of blood flow into the brain neurons, stress, having minor consumption of nutrition, or more.

Hence, your hair shows another level of confidence. So, care for your beautiful swirls because self-love should be your priority.


Best Hair growth tips:
• First of all, you need to relax and think less because stress is another reason behind hair loss.
• Apply coconut edible coconut hair oil or mustard oil.
• Massage the scalp.
• Then rinse your hair with less chemical reach shampoo.
• Condition your hair as it protects your hair from Dust & Air pollution.
• Meditate daily and hydrate yourself.

What things to avoid during the Haircare process?
• Avoid lots of colors experiment because you will lose the natural shade of your hair.
• Even smoothening, straightening, hair pack, or other related things is harmful to your hairs' natural volume and shade.
• Stop using too much heat such as Hair blower, Hair straightener, Curler, or another electrical appliance.
• Hence, hair pull braids or regular hairstyles are very effective for hair roots.

Which nutrition are necessary for Hair Growth?

Fatty fish
• These fishes are rich in fatty acids, omega-3s and Vitamin D.
• Hence, it’s a good source of protein, Vitamin B, and selenium.
• Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Herring, or more prefer seafood for hair growth.

**Leafy Greens **
• Spinach, collards, kale, or more related leafy vegetables are the effective ways for your hairs.
• Furthermore, these vegetables are rich in iron, folate, beta, and Vitamin C.

• Fruits rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants are good for hair follicles.
• Berries, cherries, apricots, grapes, and oranges are beneficial for hair growth.
• The fruits prevent hair loss.

Nuts & Seeds
• Hence, Nuts and dry fruit contains natural oils, which are good for the scalp.
• Even these are rich in zinc, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
• Nuts like Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil nuts, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, or more are highly nutritious.

Hence, these are the nutrition that is necessary for hair growth.


Hence, these are the beneficial remedies to control hair fall in women. Try necessary treatments and don’t do more because less is enough for your hair.


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