I as of late procured a Dual (United Audio speaker) 1229 turntable. It has the first plinth with the capacity compartment that opens in the front. It has a Shure M91ED cartridge/pointer. By its own right, it is an intriguing thing from the idler turntable time, before belt and direct drive turntables surpassed the market.

My inquiry to the discussion is direction main thing I go with reestablishing this turntable back to its operational pinnacle? Do I keep everything stock, and reestablish it as though it just emerged from the crate spic and span in the mid 70's? Or on the other hand, do I make adjustments that would profit the general sound nature of the turntable? In any case, by making changes would I hurt its worth?

The changes I am thinking about are as per the following:

  1. Custom plinth

  2. New acrylic cover

  3. Overhauled cartridge/pointer

Much obliged Chad,


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