Importance of vacuum sintering furnace in powder metallurgy

In view of the time-varying, large delay and nonlinear characteristics of the vacuum sintering furnace of powder metallurgy, the PID control effect is not ideal, and the fuzzy control algorithm is selected. The simulation models of PID control and fuzzy control are established and compared. The results show that after adopting fuzzy control, the response speed of the system is very fast, the steady-state time is only 3.2s, there is no overshoot, the steady-state error is 1.2 ℃, and the steady-state precision is very high; the simulation output of the system is close to the given input waveform, the system adjustment time is short, the system quickly enters the stable state, and the oscillation is very small . The fuzzy control is superior to the traditional PID control, and can meet the control requirements of vacuum sintering furnace temperature in powder metallurgy.

The vacuum sintering furnace of powder metallurgy is a time-varying, large lag, nonlinear heating system. Due to the complexity of its physical and chemical mechanism and many influencing factors, it is difficult to obtain an accurate mathematical model. When the parameters change greatly and the control accuracy is high, the general PID control effect is not satisfactory. Fuzzy control does not need the system to give an accurate mathematical model, according to the actual experience of people to make control rules, make control decision table, the system control according to the decision table, especially suitable for sintering furnace such complex industrial production object. The main factors that affect the quality of products in the sintering process are sintering temperature and sintering time, especially the requirements for temperature are very strict. The temperature difference is generally not allowed to exceed ± 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ of the given value, so it must be strictly controlled [1 ~ 3].

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