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# What are different types of Xanax bars? 

Xanax bars are worldwide famous and considered the first choice for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. However, this medication activates in numerous colors such as the oval, rectangular and elliptical. It functions by calming the brain by releasing its properties. And the reason behind the availability of this medication in multi-color and shape is that every pharmaceutical creator tries to deliver its different identity. Hence, Xanax is available in the market with different color and strengths are-

Green three-sided tablet with the strength of 3mg 
Oral oval with the power of 0.5mg 
White five-sided pill with 0.5mg dosage
Peach football shaped pill with the power of 0.5mg 
White oval with 0.5mg strength
White rectangle pill with the power of 2mg 
Blue round with strength of 2mg 
Blue oval pill with the dosage of 1mg 
Yellow four-sided pill with the dose of 1mg


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## What are the common precautions with all colors of Xanax?

Some Xanax precautions imply each color one. To know about them, read below the precautions of the Xanax- 

Xanax and intoxicants such as alcohol and weed are not permitted to use together. These elements can interact with Xanax inside the system. Therefore, if you are addicted to any such material so must disclose it to the doctor. The doctor may change the therapy as per necessity. Furthermore, if you have taken it mistakenly so seek emergency medical help immediately.

Children younger than 18 years should avoid the consumption of such medications as they contain potent active elements. These medications can cause severe side effects on children, such as irregular heartbeat, unconsciousness, and extreme drowsiness.

If you are under the stage of pregnancy and nursing so avoid its consumption. Xanax can affect the growth and development of the infant. Therefore, if you are under the treatment of such medications, meet the doctor before planning to have a baby. Furthermore, this medication can pass into the infant through breast milk in infant and may lead to drug dependency.

Note: This is not the full list of cares. To know more, visit the available source via the link.

## Is it safe to buy Xanax online in the USA? 

Yes, it is safe to buy Xanax online in the USA. However, you should have the legal prescription of the doctor. If you don’t have a legal prescription, you can get it from online doctors. Furthermore, these days scam rate is high so keep the below points in mind to avoid such conflicts-

Read the norms of the store mindfully.
Verify whether the online store is authentic or not.

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