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It is the treatment to reestablish, maintain a person's mobility and function. Physiotherapy helps people through physical restoration, recovery from injury, and health and wellness. Physiotherapists get you involved in your own recovery. You can take advantage from physiotherapy whenever you want. You can deal with your long term medical condition such as asthma from the treatment of physiotherapy

What is a physiotherapist?
Physiotherapists are the healthcare doctors with physiotherapy experience who help patients achieve maximum range of Mobility and physical ability, either by developing it in the 1st place or restoring it after the loss of physical ability due to illness, aging, or accidental injury.
Physiotherapists are also known as physical therapists in U.S. (United States), but the term “physiotherapist” is used in India and other countries. If you’re a resident of Ahmedabad and searching for the best physiotherapist in Ahmedabad, then Spirals Health is the best option for you.

What does a physiotherapist do?
When a new patient visits them for treatment, a physiotherapy specialist will take his health history and perform a physical examination. He will then recommend a plan tailored to the patient’s needs. There are some methods or treatments that the physiotherapists use;
• Manipulation or mobilization of joints
• Massage to ease soft tissue pain
• Exercises or strengthen weak areas
• Reduce inflammation
• Ultrasound therapy to relieve muscle spasms
• Heat to increase circulation
• Electrical stimulation to help muscle contract, etc.
They just do not just work with patients after the injury but can be found working in several specialty fields. People with other muscle issues can also see the best physiotherapist doctors in Ahmedabad.

What problems do the physiotherapists in Ahmedabad treat?
Physiotherapists treat the issues caused by disease, disability or accidental injury. There are some examples of problems which physiotherapists treat, listed below-
• Neck and back torment caused by problems in the muscle and bone
• Issues identified with the bones, joints, muscle and tendons like joint inflammation
• Lung issues, such as asthma.
• Pelvic issue, for instance, bladder issue related to childbirth
• Handicap due to heart issue
• They do exercise to strengthen weak body parts
• Loss of portability because of injury to the brain or spine, or because of sicknesses, for instance, Parkinson's disease.
• Heat to increase circulation
• They also give massage to ease delicate tissue pain
• They likewise use ultrasound therapy to ease muscle spasm
• Sports injury

**Type of Treatment in Physiotherapy
**• Range of motion exercises
• Soft tissue mobilization
• Electrotherapy techniques
• Cryotherapy and Heat therapy
• Kinesio Taping
• Therapeutic ultrasound

**Type of Physiotherapy
**• Geriatric physical therapy- This is the form of therapy which is for the older people who have age related disorder such as Alzheimer, arthritis and loss of motion
• Sports physical therapy- Athletes work with the physiotherapists on regular basis to maintain their physical movement.
• Orthopaedic Physiotherapy- If someone is experiencing back and neck pain, fractures, muscle strains, or sprains then orthopaedic physiotherapy can help you with these problems.
• Pediatric physical therapy- It is used to diagnose, prevents, and treats disorders that affect children and teens physical health.

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