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Is there a "formula" to determine support staff needed for a certain number of home health/private duty patients? Office staff are requesting more help with authorizations, scheduling, etc

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  • Absolutely a great queston. Unfortunately formulas are scarce in this area especially since Medicare regs do change causing FET'S or warm body counts to change. How your system (way of doing things both with paper and technology/software) works will have a direct bearing on any formula.

    Private duty on the other hand, playing by the state rules alone is another story completely. Owning both private and medicare agencies we have been in the private duty/private pay industry since 1970 and having operated in multiple states have plenty of experience but still a hard and fast formula is elusive.

    I can say from experience, a private duty (non medicare) office with only a manual system for all patient/client intake and scheduling can, with 3 staff handel a case load of up to 2000 hours a week. I can say that because we have a tried and true method. Again that is a manual method.  We do have a software method also but it is integrated tightly with the software we use and any manual system. The software one chooses today will greatly impact those results.

    Having said that those who have never handled more than 800 hours a week with a staff of 5 wouldn't believe, possibly even after seeing it. Then there may be some that can handle more. I suppose in truth without the "method" that goes with any such formula obtaining the same results might prove difficult.

    I realize that isn't quite the answer you are looking for. So do consider that any numbers or formula given will net those results with a way that you should hope to also try to research. If you don't get the whole picture you may be greatly disappointed?


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