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Is there anyone that uses Cerner software for home health? What do you like about it and what do you NOT like about it? All thoughts would be appreciated.
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  • Cathy, We have used Cerner in the past, but switched to a new software a few years ago. Cerner was great for reports in "back office", but lacked being nurse friendly. With the new software, we have increased productivity and increased completion rate on documentation. Cerner has a lot of safety nets in place (that I did like), but overall was not user friendly (averaging 3 month learning curve for new employee). Good luck on your decision making. 

     Tephanie Neill, BSN, RNTraditions Home Care,IncClinical Manager
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    No matter what software people are asking about I like to direct them to Klas Research to read the reviews.

    And please review your software. It helps people make decisions and see what a lot of other people thing about software.

    Every software has pluses and minuses. I always suggest that you make a list of “must haves’ and a list of ‘wants’ before looking. Also take into consideration what you will have for in house IT support. It makes a difference in what you choose.

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    Thanks Tephanie, I appreciate your honesty!
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  • Very true said!

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