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How are people dealing with pain in times of covid-19?
We are going to the time of covid-19, and still, we don't have the vaccine for the same. So far, we have lost so many precious lives due to this deadly disease. Doctors and the government's focus are on combating coronavirus.
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But unfortunately, another medical issue is under the shadow. Less attention is given to other patients suffering from other medical problems. The most challenging time is for doctors who have to treat patients by following all medical precautions.
As the COVID-19 virus is easily transmitted in coming with contact with the infected person. Similarly, patients suffering from pain suffer the most. As when patients approach the doctor, they decline to diagnose the patient.
Doctors do fear that the patient might suffer from COVID-19___0. Hence, we need to study how to treat the same.
How can you describe the ailment of severe pain?
You may describe it as an intense feeling that makes you unable to engage in everyday activities. The patient is unable to function independently. However, you may tell it as sharp or dull, which may cause a burning or aching sensation in affected areas.
Though the pain shall become less severe as the injury heals, chronic pain is quite different from typical pain. Such kind of pain may last from several weeks to several years. The effect of such pain is that it might reduce the patient's flexibility, strength, and endurance.
Moreover, such pain may become a hindrance in daily activities. Below are several types of pain: -
Post-surgical pain
Post-trauma pain
Lower back pain
Cancer pain
Arthritis pain
Neurogenic pain
Psychogenic pain
Discuss the symptoms and causes of severe pain?
The severe pain happens due to the initial injury, such as a back sprain or pulled muscle. Most doctors believe that it develops after nerves become damaged. read below the symptoms of severe pain: -
A dull ache
Can medication of Tramadol do work as a painkiller?
Yes, this medication is coming under the category of a strong painkiller. Doctors do prescribe it to treat moderate to severe pain. Moreover, it is also useful in the treatment of long-standing pain. It works effectively when other painkillers don't work longer.
The pills of Tramadol start to work in 30 to 60 minutes. But they wear off within 4 to 6 hours. Do take the medication under the supervision of the doctor only.


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