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  • Last I heard the new COP regulations were at the OMB (Office of Budget & Management) for approval. After that it goes to publication as a final rule & generally is effective 60 days after the publication date. So- guessing February-March 2…
  • Doris Although I have not completely been involved with my clients' review of Part B outpatient therapy visits for Pre-Op visits, my understanding that there is not a therapy code that applies to the Pre-Op/Pre-hab service. That being said, I do c…
  • Nancy The YIKES was because I did not include the NOT in my first note. I go back to what I said in my first note though - mileage is actually a benefit and only becomes tied to wages if the employee's wages are close to minimum wage & the ou…
  • The supervising physician needs to co-sign plan of care. Liz Pearson Pearson & Bernard PSC 178 Barnwood Dr. Edgewood, Ky 41017 859-655-3700 (w) 859-655-3703 (f)
  • The regulation on the recert statement is at 42 CFR 424.22(b)(2) - but it does not specify where or how that is to be done. I went to Medicare Benefit manual (102) - old HIM-11- Chapter 7 for home health & at Section 30.5.2 on Recertification …